EVO Rehabilitation Client: Ryan Madson

"Everything I do in here requires strength at length and that's totally in the pitching realm... I didn't know how to train that way, but finally (at evo ultrafit) my theory of how to be a strong pitcher and the actual working out process matched for me"

− Ryan Madson

EVO Management Client: Jeb Bradley

"You start from the ground up, basically relearning everything and getting rid of every preconceived notion of working out... the more you keep coming in the better results you see "

− Jeb Bradley

Our Clients

Cody Ross – MLB San Francisco Giants
Craig Counsel – MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
Jason Schmidt – MLB San Francisco Giants
Jed Bradley – MiLB Milwaukee Brewers
Jorge Solar – MLB Chicago Cubs
Jody Gerut – MLB Cleveland Indians
Jr Spivey – MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
Matt Pagnazzi – MiLB Arizona Diamondbacks
Matt Kemp – MLB San Diego Padres
Mike Benjamin – MiLB Colorado Rockies
Robert Coello – MiLB San Francisco Giants
Ryan Madson – MLB Kansas City Royals
Tony Schrager – MiLB LA Dodgers